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12 Nov / Twitter – a love story

Katherine Hayton,
You have a new follower on Twitter.

Follow back
08:02 PM – 11 Nov 14

Hello…thanks for following back. ….am dave Collins, may I know your name?
09:04 PM – 11 Nov 14

Course you can Dave… but that was an hour ago so in the meantime I’ve gone to bed. I won’t be able to read your message until tomorrow.

Hi..thanks for following back, am dave. May I know your name??
09:34 PM – 11 Nov 14

Now I’m asleep Dave, so you’re out of luck. But I’m sure I’ll get to your message tomorrow.

Hi ??
02:32 AM – 12 Nov 14

Still asleep Dave. Give me a few more hours, eh?

Hi Dave Collins, you may know my name. It is Katherine Hayton 🙂
06:11 AM – 12 Nov 14

Nice name, I like That
06:13 AM – 12 Nov 14

Seriously Dave. Are you sitting in front of your computer waiting for people to reply to you on Twitter? Are you sitting in front of your computer waiting for me to reply to you on Twitter? You’re starting to creep me out Dave.

Would like to know more about you, if you don’t mind
06:14 AM – 12 Nov 14

I’m sorry; I can’t do that Dave.

06:18 AM – 12 Nov 14

Block or Report?

Goodbye Dave.

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