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13 Aug / The joys of cheese

I arrived home this evening to find over three kilos of cheese waiting on my couch. I wish all arrivals home could be as wonderful as this. Even though I had ordered and paid for it, I rather appreciated the uncertainty of when it would arrive, thankfully not elongated into annoyance that it hadn’t.

Now, I could always use the time I’ll save in meal preparation (which is now cutting off a wedge and adding a celery stick for fibre) to write another couple of hundred words, but I feel this is probably the wrong thing to do. Instead, I think I’ll use them to savour the taste, the texture, and the scent of these wonderful cheeses.


I think that’s the right thing to do.

By Katherine Hayton in Katherine Hayton's Blog
  • Allison Newchurch

    What kind of cheeses were they and what do you plan to do with them all?

    • kathay@orcon.net.nz

      Hi Allison, they were two types of Brie plus Manchego and couple of blue cheeses. I planned to eat them! (some with things, others on their own)


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