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Dead as a Dodo

Alvin plans on going gently into that good night.

With his family gathered, quietly weeping around his bedside, Alvin’s battle with leukemia is coming to a soft and peaceful end. One last breath out is all it will take and he will slip away forever.

But forever isn’t what it used to be.


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The Last Magician

For years, battle weary soldiers have been chasing down the last few practitioners of magic. Focused on completing their goal to eradicate them from the face of the earth.

When Andreas Parsons is chased deep into the woods, outnumbered and outclassed, he attempts to evade his captors as he has so many times before. But with a world offended by his very existence, can he keep running forever?


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An unthinkable loss . . .

After their daughter is ripped from them by the Boxing Day Tsunami, Christine and Gary Emmett hunt through Phuket, Thailand, trying with increasing desperation to find Tamsin or find her body.
When a village contact reaches out to say he’s found Tamsin, alive, they make a journey. A journey that could see them reconnect with their lost daughter or face the truth that she’s lost to them, forever.

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A missing toddler . . .

Christchurch Police are on a hunt for a runaway toddler on a heatstruck Christmas morning. Fears for young Emily’s safety are well-placed; her parent’s home is situated between a river and a row of earthquake abandoned houses.
With an eye-witness reporting a man walking a young girl away from the scene, a new specter raises its head. Can Detective Ngaire Blakes beat the ticking time-bomb and rescue Emily before Christmas Day turns from a celebration into a nightmare?

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Just one celebratory drink . . .

For Ted McChrystal it’s just another day in prison, nothing much to do. Except celebrate the ninety-day AA chip he’s just earned.
After three months’ forced sobriety, surely a little prison wine isn’t too much to ask?

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