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25 Sep / Enforced Weight Loss

I think it’s fair to say that our society is not one that encourages weight gain, or handles the appearance of the larger section of the community well.

I understand that some people may be aghast at the fact that I’ve gained a fair bit of weight over the last year. I could explain in great detail how the drugs that I take so that my brain can feel emotions again, happen to act on receptors that are located in my stomach thereby initiating a powerful hunger and act in a dual way by making my body move slower thereby ensuring that I take in more calories and burn off less calories, and altogether this results in weight gain.

Or, I could just say it’s not my fault. It’s the drugs.

I weighed (huh, weighed – get it?) up the situation before I went back on my SSRI drugs again, and decided that yes I would like to not commit suicide more than I want to stay a size twelve.

It’s a hard choice, and one that you have to make for yourself.

Notice, I said FOR YOURSELF.

I don’t know what you were thinking, Pizza Hut, when you decided that the monthly treat that my darling and I allow ourselves should be amended.

Yeah, okay, I’m overweight. I still paid $3.50 for my cookies and cream mousse, and I expected it to be in the bag when it arrived home.

I see that you’ve teamed up with Domino’s Pizza in ensuring that I never receive a full dessert order with my pizza ever again. Well, guess what?


I can’t boycott you. You’re the only pizza left that I like.

But I’m very upset. Take that.

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  • Katherine Hajer

    This is what I find interesting about the gap between overweight people and thin fat-haters. The fat-haters will, reluctantly, if you catch them in the right mood, acknowledge some people are fat as a side effect of other health issues, and then insist “most of them” are just “lazy people” who “don’t take care of themselves”. And yet if you talk to overweight people, nearly all of them know the underlying health conditions which knocked their weight out of the average zone.

    Which, of course, just goes to show how useless fat-shaming really is.

    I didn’t know that about SSRIs. I’ll be adding it to my example list of side effects which cause weight gain. Thank you!


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