Katherine Hayton | About Me



I’m a middle-aged woman who doesn’t have children or pets, can’t drive, has lived in Christchurch my entire life, and currently resides a two-minute walk from where I was born. Fascinating, eh?


For thirteen years, I worked in a travel agency performing admin duties rather than anything of interest relating to world exploration. After my role became disestablished (something about being “too awesome”), I worked for another thirteen years (unlucky for some) in an insurance company.


During June 2016, I decided that a stable income and generous holiday benefits were something I could live without, so handed in my resignation to work full time in a writing business that has yet to turn a profit. Although currently optimistic, if you see my jewellery for sale on eBay I’d recommend you ignore my LinkedIn invitations.

Although I’ve been writing compulsively since I was little, it wasn’t until the horrific milestone of turning forty years old descended upon me that I took stock of my life and decided to become a published author.


You can see me talking about this in the following interview. Note that although the host appears to be naked from the waist down this is due to a poor wardrobe choice, not a reflection of the moral standards of NZ television broadcasters.



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To date I’ve written three spectacular un-bestselling (unless you count tiny niche genres on Amazon, which of course you should) stand-alone crime novels set in Christchurch: FOUND NEAR WATER, SKELETAL, and BREATHE AND RELEASE. For your convenience, these are also available together in a box-set that I’ve creatively entitled CHRISTCHURCH CRIME THREE BOOK BOXSET.


My first novel in a trilogy featuring DC Ngaire Blakes – THE THREE DEATHS OF MAGDALENE LYNTON – was a 2016 Kindle Scout Winner and released by Kindle Press in March 2016.


The second novel in Ngaire’s trilogy – THE SECOND STAGE OF GRIEF – was also a 2016 Kindle Scout Winner and is scheduled for release in October 2016. 


Along with plans for the third Ngaire Blakes novel, I’m also now working on another three series to be published under the pen name LEE HAYTON. As a result of this ambitious new venture, my editor is bemoaning the fact that my high school was too cool to teach me the rules of language, preferring freedom of expression instead.
Bloody hippies.